Discover the Benefits of Using a Freelance Editor


Many authors wonder if hiring a freelance editor is necessary, especially if they are trying to sell their manuscript to a publishing house that will only end up doing new edits to make the manuscript meet their standards.  The answer is a resounding yes.  A good story concept is a good start, but to get noticed in today's publishing world you need something more.  By presenting a manuscript that has been pre-edited, it gives you an advantage over those who don't.  Your manuscript will be structurally sound, have a distinct voice and have a well-developed plot.  All of these things will help you get the attention of literary agents and publishing houses.


If you are an indie author who publishes your own books, then using a freelance editor is an absolute must.  Your readers are harsh critics and will notice if your manuscript is full of grammar and spelling errors, that there are errors in continuity or if your plot is confusing.  With social media and sites that allow them to leave reviews, they feel it is their duty to point these flaws out to your and to those who are considering reading your novel.  This can seriously reduce your sales and cause you to loose future readers.


Developmental Editing — a developmental edit focuses on world building and story organization.  It is an analysis of the entire manuscript including: story concept, plot, character development, tone, and voice; also, adding, removing or rewriting sections.


Line Editing — with line editing, your manuscript will receive a non-mechanical edit to address issues regarding language use, writing style and creative content to ensure that your book is a pleasurable read.  Basic copy editing is included.


Manuscript Assessment — after doing a complete read through, you will be provided with a written assessment.  It will look at the overall concept and execution of your manuscript in key areas such as: story, plot, characters and concepts.


Beta Reading — a single read through is done from the reader’s point of view and feedback is provided regarding areas of concern to help address areas of concern to give your reader the best reading experience possible.


Proofreading — this is the final stage of the editing process and the last chance to catch missed grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes. When completed, your manuscript will be ready to submit to agents and publishers.




Whether you are going to self-publish or sell your manuscript to a publisher, the cost of hiring a freelance editor is always a concern, because you are paying out of pocket.  With this in mind, and a desire to help talented writers, I have set my costs at a reasonable rate to keep your costs minimal, while obtaining quality service.


The rates for developmental editing, line editing and proofreading start at 0.5¢ per word.  Your quoted price will be based on whether a heavy, medium or light edit is needed.  Manuscript assessments are offered at the flat fee of $450; while beta reads are offered at a flat fee of $50.



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